Top 8 Things Famous in Saudi Arabia for Shopping

Top 8 Things Famous in Saudi Arabia for Shopping

Want to know what is famous in Saudi Arabia for shopping? This Arabian country offers a unique shopping experience combining traditional with modernity, providing a wide range of items that reflect the rich culture and heritage of the region. Here’s a list of our top 8 things that are a must buy if you’re visiting Saudi Arabia.

Traditional Souvenirs


Saudi Arabia is renowned for its dates, being the world’s fourth-largest producer. With a wide range of dates available, visitors can choose from varieties like Ajwa, Medjool, Zahidi, Saghai, and Khudri. The Date Souk located just off of Exit 14 in Riyadh is the most popular spot to purchase these sweet delights.

Gold Jewelry

The country is a haven for gold shoppers due to the absence of sales tax or VAT. Traditional and contemporary Arabian jewelry can be found at better prices here than in many other countries. The Batha Gold Market in Riyadh and the Al-Balad Gold Market in Jeddah are among the best places to buy gold.

Oud Perfume

Oud perfume is a luxurious and traditional scent that is highly sought after. It’s made from the resin of the agarwood tree and is a significant part of Saudi culture. Sharqiya Oud is one of the best choices and The Arabian Oud shop is a prominent place to get this traditional scent.

Camel Milk Products

Camel milk and its products such as camel milk butter, chocolate, lavender, cheese, soap and creams are unique to the region and very famous in Saudi Arabia for shopping. Sawani is the place you should go to shop for these items.

Modern Delights

Electronics and Gadgets

Saudi Arabia is also a place to find the latest in electronics and gadgets. With numerous shops and malls dedicated to technology, shoppers can find everything from smartphones to high-end audio systems.

Fashion and Apparel

Traditional scarf and abaya are the two (02) must buy signature products in the Kingdom. For those interested in modern fashion, the country offers a range of options from local designers to international brands. The Kingdom Centre Tower in Riyadh is a notable destination for luxury shopping.

Cultural Artifacts

Dallah (Arabic Coffee Pot)

The Dallah is a traditional Arabic coffee pot, often made from metal and beautifully decorated. It’s used to serve Arabic coffee and is a symbol of hospitality.

Saudi Rugs

Known for their intricate designs and quality, Saudi rugs are a popular item among tourists. They reflect the craftsmanship and artistic heritage of the region. The Souq Al Zal carpet / rug market located in Riyadh is the place to go shop for these rich cultural artifacts.


Whether you’re looking for traditional items or modern luxuries, Saudi Arabia’s shopping scene has something for everyone. Now after finding out what is famous in Saudi Arabia for shopping, comment to let us know what did you buy?

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